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Complex of premium class cottages
Our work with the Bruhovel complex of premium class cottages demonstrates how strategic promotion and effective advertising can drive sales for multi-million dollar real estate.
How We Started Our Work
A developer approached us to sell homes in the Bruhovel villa complex. Despite being built, the villas were not selling.

The company had previously worked with other specialists but was not satisfied with the results. We conducted an audit of the website, the project's social media presence, and the advertising platforms used. We concluded that there was room for improvement. The task was challenging: we needed to generate high-quality leads from social media and the internet for the most expensive real estate in the suburbs.

The Tasks We Set for the Team:
  • 1
    Strategy Development
    Create a long-term communication strategy for the target audience in advertising.
  • 2
    Social Media
    Develop a visual style, create and manage social media accounts
  • 3
    Set up advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram
  • 4
    Optimize and enhance the website
  • 5
    Google Ads
    Launch display and contextual advertising on Google
  • 6
    Content Creation
    Developed high-quality photo and video content for advertisements
  • 7
    CRM Integration
    Implementing a CRM system to manage leads
  • 8
    Sales Scripts
    Create sales scripts for the managers
What We Did ?
Positioning and Strategy
We analyzed competitors in the market, their social media presence, and had our “mystery client” visit their complexes. We identified the target audience for our complex, surveyed potential clients to understand the key factors they consider when choosing real estate, and evaluated the performance of sales managers.
Following this, we assessed the strengths of our complex and its advantages over other properties both in the city and the suburbs. Our potential clients faced a choice between living in a luxurious apartment in a bustling city or enjoying a peaceful life in a premium-class home in a quiet area just 7 km from the city center.

Bruhovel is a gated villa complex located in the suburbs, surrounded by pine forests, lakes, and cozy restaurants. Residents can go for a run in the forest, invite friends for a barbecue, or spend a cozy evening with family. The complex features modern architecture, appealing to potential owners with refined taste. Successful individuals value their surroundings, making Bruhovel not just about the homes but also the neighbors and community.

We incorporated all these elements into our communication strategy, visual style, identified communication channels, and defined the tone of voice.
Social Media
The complex did not have its own social media presence and was only occasionally mentioned on the developer's general page. As a result, interested individuals couldn't find comprehensive information.

We created dedicated pages on Facebook and Instagram and filled them with content. We used photos, videos, and animated content for social media. Additionally, we produced a promotional video of the complex, allowing people to see it in reality.

Bruhovel Promo Video
Facebook and Instagram Ad Campaign Launch, Website Work
We initiated advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, starting audience testing. Throughout our collaboration, we employed various campaign objectives such as engagement, traffic, lead generation, and reach.

To maintain user interest, we frequently refreshed ad creatives, utilizing diverse ad formats for different placements. Our ads featured images of completed houses and animated videos to familiarize users with the villa complex, prompting interested individuals to submit inquiries to the sales department.
Initially, directing traffic to the website yielded low conversion rates. Therefore, we adopted a strategy utilizing lead forms directly within social media platforms, significantly reducing the submission process for clients.

Moreover, we optimized the speed and quality of the landing page, integrating and configuring analytical tools.

The Lazor Digital team conducted extensive audience testing to enhance results and generate high-quality leads.

Through precise targeting and analytics, we amassed a substantial volume of leads for the sales department.
Google Contextual Advertising
We implemented contextual advertising on Google to attract users to the website and subsequently retargeted them with remarketing efforts.

Analyzed the current situation and collected location-based queries for our property.

Tracked and monitored leads, setting up call tracking and form tracking to record website and ad campaign inquiries. This enabled us to identify phone call sources and optimize budgets effectively.

Filtered out irrelevant queries and platforms.

Analyzed statistics and reports to identify non-performing search queries and disabled them. This allowed us to allocate the budget more efficiently, directing it towards conversion channels and queries, continually reducing the cost per click.

Disabled low-conversion platforms, focusing the budget solely on platforms yielding results.

Placed advertisements on third-party platforms, showcasing ad blocks on real estate portals. Utilized lookalike audiences and ran ads on YouTube.

We employed robust analytics tools to gain insights into user behavior and optimize our marketing strategies:
Tracking and Optimization: Monitored website traffic, user interactions, and conversion rates to fine-tune our marketing efforts.
Lead Sources Analysis: Tracked the performance of various lead sources to identify the most effective channels for generating high-quality leads.
Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO): Implemented strategies to enhance the website's conversion rate by analyzing user behavior and refining the user experience.
Performance Monitoring: Regularly monitored key performance indicators (KPIs) such as click-through rates (CTR), conversion rates, and return on investment (ROI) to assess campaign effectiveness and make data-driven decisions.
Reporting: Generated detailed reports to provide stakeholders with actionable insights and track the success of marketing initiatives over time.

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Complex of premium class cottages